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Application & Use


-Spray matresses, pillows & bedding against bedbugs & dustmites
-along skirtings, on carpets & couches against fleas, cockroaches, ants, dustmites & other cold blooded household bugs
-behind fridges, inside zink cupboards, behind stoves against cockroaches
-Inside linen cupboards for up to 4 months protection against fish moths
-around pet food bowls against ants
-along window frames & on curtains (does not stain) against flies & mosquito’s
-along cornices, light fittings, ceilings fans against flies & mosquito’s
-along aircon louvre’s for dustmites
-inside pet baskets against fleas
 -directly onto the insect, which causes a lapse in his nervous system with death following shortly

Product Info

Advantages & Characteristics


*Personal, Clean, Easy Hygienic & Effective Insect Control
*Kills All Cold Blooded Insects & Their Larvae and stops their biting & host seeking behaviour
*Oudourless, No Synthetic Solvents & Does Not Stain
*No Unpleasant & Harmful Gasses
*No Need to vacate room / area
*User Friendly
*Deadly to all Coldblooded insects
*Used in Hotels, Restaurants, Homes, Guest houses, etc
*Not harmful to Humans, Mammals and birds once product has dried.
*Spray suitcases when travelling or camping.
*Totally Safe on Matresses, bedding, pillows, carpets & clothing.


Bioway Registration

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Sales, Orders & Distribution
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Yolande Erasmus

(C) 072 229 8555
(T)0711 793 651


MORELETA PARK, PRETORIA  (By Appointments only)

Distribution Throughout S.A.


Product Volumes

Bioway Multi

The Products Are Sold Seperately As Listed Below 

  • 500ml Bottle with Mini Spray
  • 1 Ltr Bottle with Vela Spray
  • 2 Ltr Refill Bottle
  • 5 Ltr Refill Bottle

Deliveries are done to anywhere to our contracted courier service depots in South Africa, or your nearest Post Ofice.


The Product is also available in bulk quantities as follows : 

  • 500ml Bottle + Mini Sprayer
    = Box of 12 Units each

  • 1 Litre Bottle + Vela Sprayer
     = Box of 6 Units each
  • 2 Litre Refill Bottle
    = Box of 4 Units each
  • 5 Litre Refill Bottle
    = Box of 2 Units each 

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